Njål - Links
Capturing Moments - Moments in life photography
Some useful, inspiring and recommendable photo web-sites
- My local photo comminity: www.bekkalokket.com
- One of the most inportant photo web sites of Norway:  www.foto.no
- For all those who facinated by extreme sports activities: www.ekstremsportveko.no
- Nordic Light Festival; www.nle.no 
- Absolutely top quality photography!: www.1x.com
- A favorable amateur photo web-site; some great shots!: foto.priv.no
- Alex and Norris Webb, international  top photographers: www.webbnorriswebb.com/
- Another favorable amateur photo web site for those love nature and out door activities!www.svaasand.com/
- For those who appreciate traveling photo at its very best: www.johnnyhaglund.com